Musician, Singer & Entertainer
Arranger, Composer & Conductor!


“A true “One Man Band”

An Oregon native, my career was launched at the age of 13 in the Dory King – my parent’s Pacific City restaurant and lounge – playing keyboards, drums, trumpet and singing with my three older brothers.

We moved from Canby, Oregon to Pacific City, Oregon when I was in the eighth grade. I recall really wanting to be in the restaurant and lounge. My father told me to play him a song on the piano, I did, and I kept on playing.

Thirty six years later, I am still at it, working my solo act playing for private parties, wedding, conventions and other events. I credit my success to those early years and plenty of encouragement from a musically-oriented and talented family, most notably my parents, Phyllis and Boyd.

We were a real musical family and I was lucky to have that early experience by performing “off and on” with my brothers and other musicians through the years and carving out my own niche.

My musician life has featured plenty of travel in the Pacific Northwest, Canada and throughout the nation. I landed my first piano bar job in Portland when I was 18. I asked the owner if I could play a song for him and walked out with a five-nights-a-week job. My choice of “The Way We Were” might have helped. “It happened to be the owner’s favorite song.

I spent a year at the Portland club and then teamed up with a friend to form a keyboard-and-drum duo called “The Shadow” for 10 years. We toured the Northwest and Canada during the early l980’s spending a lot of time on the road.

Logging a lot miles as a solo act through the 80’s and 90’s, I still managed to spend considerable time close to home, where I performed regularly at venues such as the Surftides Resort, Shilo Inn and other local resorts and lounges – including stints at the family restaurant until my father sold it in l995. I also provided entertainment at the Miss Oregon USA pageant.

I tried to stay close to home but my musical ambitions took me away for a time. In 1992, I performed at the Reno Ramada and signed a contract at the Flamingo Hilton Hotel. In 1994, I went to Nashville with Hal Spencer, president of Manna Music Group, to do demo work at the Chances Are recording studio.

My native Oregon always beckoned and brought me back time after time. After returning from Nashville, I performed locally for a while until I received “an offer I could not refuse” – a season at the Powder Horn Ski Resort in Colorado, followed by a stint at the Grand Junction Hilton. Later, I was invited to join the Walker Williams Band as keyboard player and backup singer playing at the Grizzly Rose Club. The band also toured the Midwest, and opened for headliner artists such as Sawyer Brown, the Little River Band and Great White.

But again the home fires still burned and I decided I really missed my family and Oregon, so I moved back home in time to play for the Millennium celebration at Surftides Resort in Lincoln City, OR. In September 2000, I signed on at Salishan Spa and Golf Resort to play Friday and Saturday nights where I played for 8 years. It was my most favorite place to play and there was never a dull moment. The crowd was wonderful. I opted for the Salishan gig over a contract offer in Las Vegas. I would have had to give up a lot to pursue a career in Vegas, listing my family and other personal connections as my reason for staying. Salishan boosted my appearances to five nights per week and that work led me to a new facet of my career performing at private parties, company functions and charity events. To name a few, I performed during the Lincoln City Relay for Life, Crustacean Classic, Glass Float Ball, Angels Anonymous Ball, Portland Auto Show, Portland Boat Show, Oregon Medial Group Manager’s Association Conference, holiday parties for Norpac, Pacific Seafood, Oregon Public Works, Nike, Addidas, Dalke Construction, and Subaru Conventions in Oregon, California and Nevada. I also performed for six months at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort Seafood Grill & Lounge, Lincoln City, OR, and have also played at the Porterhouse Restaurant, Portland, OR, Italian Riviera, Lincoln Beach, OR, Red Lion, Salem, OR, and Surftides Resort Mist" Lounge, Lincoln City, OR.  Another privilege I had was performing at the Oregon Rose Festival, Bite of Oregon, Lincoln County Fair, American Legion, Elks and Vets Helping Vets Annual Picnic.  You can currently catch my performances at the Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, Gleneden Beach, OR, Embarcadero Resort Waterfront Grille, Newport, OR, Wilsonville Holiday Inn B3 Bistro & Bar and the Oregon Gardens in Silverton, OR (check this website for ongoing music schedule).

I perform what I call a “personalized approach”. I offer a variety of music styles for dancing and listening – big band, country, classic rock, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, soft rock and jazz instrumentals. Most of all, I just cater to the crowd and get them involved with my music. I also do impersonations of legendary performers such as Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet and Elvis. In my rendition of “We Are The World”, I do all the different voices which is a favorite song at the Oceanlake Elks Club in Lincoln City. I can play a wide selection of material from Kansas City, Route 66 and New York, New York to Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top and Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

I “customize” songs to fit the group or the occasion, making it personal for the audience. I work off the crowd, encourage their participation and hold the title of “On the Job Composer”. As quoted by Rebecca Hall of Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City at their facility’s 2002 Christmas Party, “He interacts wonderfully with the crowd and is very open to requests. He was full of energy and enthusiasm, giving us the best of his talents as a musician and performer”.

I give my all in everything I do including writing my own songs. I usually tinker with “homemade” tunes while sitting at the piano. Songs are different on the piano than on the guitar. Guitar has a folk feel to it, while the grand piano has more of a classical feel. I have written, composed, and produced a CD called “Sometimes Love” which features my song “Cinderella Sings the Blues” and other originals Sailing Around the World, Cliches, Sometimes Love and Til You've Seen Julie Smile. My new patriotic song is available on DVD "One Hero At A Time" and on this website (see The News Guard article below).

The Bret Lucich Show (Documentary) is a 4 minute video that was filmed by Portland Art Institute student Kyle Parker. This video captures both my variety of music and talent ability and can be viewed on this website by clicking on 'Documentary & Videos'.

(newspaper article by Patrick Alexander on 9/11)
September 7, 2011

"Local Musician Composes Tribute to Heroes"

Local musician Bret Lucich
is hoping his latest song "One
Hero At A Time" will serve as a
patriotic rallying cry for those
wanting to honor U.S. military
personnel as well as the rescuers
who helped the victims of the
9/11 attacks.

"This would be the perfect
song for 9/11, especially the
10th anniversary," he said,
adding: "I should be singing this
in New York on September 11."

Lucich said he started writ-
ing the song earlier this year,
inspired by his father, a World
War II veteran who served in
the Coast Guard and the Oregon
State Police and who died a
couple of years ago.

"This song is a gift from God
and my passing father," he said.

This song refers to the
achievements of several local
veterans, including Ed Johann,
George Rankin and Lenny Carr.

Lucich said he would like to
see the song become the
"national anthem" for Veterans
Day and would love to see it
performed at sporting events in
the Pacific Northwest and even
the Super Bowl.

"It's unbelievable what this
song can do with the right pro-
duction," he said.

The song and accompanying
slide show are online at www.

To see a live performance,
catch up with Lucich at the Holiday Inn B3 Bistro & Bar Wilsonville, Oregon, Salishan Spa & Golf Resort Gleneden Beach, Oregon, Embarcadero Resort Newport, Oregon or the Oregon Gardens Silverton, OR (see website music schedule).


“The Bret Lucich Show”
Cell: 541/992-6098

”The Bret Lucich Experience”
Musician, Singer, Entertainer & Composer

Summary of Qualifications:
Entertainer, musician and performer in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Canada and throughout the nation with a “personalized” approach, catering to the audience

Sings, harmonizes, impersonates, and entertains

Plays the piano, keyboards, organ, guitar, bass, trumpet, and drums

Offers a variety of music styles for dancing and listening – classic rock, soft rock, country, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, big band and jazz instrumentals

Does impersonations of legendary performers such as Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, and Elvis

Customizes songs to fit any group or occasion making it personal for the audience – holds the title of “On the Job Composer”

Experience and Work History
Plays and performs for private functions such as parties, weddings, company functions, conventions and charity events, i.e.

Oregon Rose Festival, Portland, OR
Bite of Oregon, Portland, OR
Lincoln County Fair & Rodeo, Newport, OR
American Legion and Eagles
Elks Parties and Conventions
Taft Sand Castle Contest, Taft, OR
Vets Helping Vets Annual Picnic, Albany, OR  8/16/15
2 Battalion, 162 Infantry Fallen Soldier Ceremony 1/11/15, Springfield, OR
Memorial Day 5/26/14 Waterfront Park, Portland, OR
Spirit of 45 Day 8/11/13, Salem Capitol, Salem, OR
Portland Auto Show and Portland Boat Show

Oregon Medical Group Manager’s Association Conference
Subaru Conventions – Oregon, California and Nevada
Holiday Parties for Norpac, Pacific Seafood
& Dalke Construction
Relay for Life, Angels Anonymous Ball, Glass Float Ball,
Back Pack for Kids, Habitat for Humanity
Neskowin RV Resort, Neskowin, OR
Salishan Spa and Golf Resort, Lincoln City, OR
Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Lincoln City, OR
Surftides Resort/Shilo Inn, Mist Lounge, Lincoln City, OR
Holiday Inn, B3 Bistro & Bar, Wilsonville, OR
Porterhouse Restaurant and Lounge, Milwaukie, OR
Red Lion, Willamette Valley Grill, Salem, OR
Italian Riviera, Lincoln Beach, OR
Oregon Gardens Resort, Silverton, OR
Embarcadero Resort, Waterfront Grille, Newport, OR

Provided entertainment for Miss Oregon USA Pageant
Reno Ramada and Flamingo Hilton Hotel
Demo work in Nashville at Chances Are recording studio for Hal Spencer, Pres. of Manna Music Group
Powder Horn Ski Resort, Grand Junction Hilton, and Grizzly Rose Club in Colorado

Keyboards and backup singer for Walker Williams Band which opened for headliner artists such as Sawyer Brown, Little River Band, and Great White while touring the Midwest

Writes and composes own original songs, recorded CD called “Sometimes Love” and DVD called “One Hero At A Time”.

References and CD & DVD available upon request


Since the age of 13, locally-based Northwest recordig artist and entertainer Bret Lucich has pursued music as a passion, craft and career. He started at the legendary Sunset West, his parent’s restaurant in Cape Kiwanda. His enthusiasm, talent, and personalized approach to performing have taken him throughout North America, effortlessly mixing musical styles, impersonations and comedy to keep audiences involved in his show. His original songs, One Hero at a Time, Cinderella Sings the Blues, and others, have thrilled audiences of all ages.

His latest song, One Hero at a Time, is patriotic and has touched many hearts and souls of families that have shared stories of how this song has personally affected them. Bret wrote this song earlier in the year, inspired by his late father who served in World War II and was a former Oregon State Police Officer. He feels this song is a gift from God.

Bret would like to give a special thanks to his brother Rod Lucich for playing the trumpet tracks. Rod also performed for over 20 years with Dr. Norman Leyden and the Oregon Pops Symphony, and is now the Chief of Police for Molalla, Oregon. Also, Bret sends a very special thanks to his friend Steve Scott for his amazing video production of the song.

Barbara Beebe Jensen wrote: "Bret Lucich ... WOW. You look great in this clip!"

SPIRIT OF '45 DAY - National Day of Remembrance

The Spirit of ’45 Day, (, is a new annual national day of remembrance and national renewal for World War II (WWII) to be honored every second Sunday of August.  This year the event will be held on August 11, 2013 in Willson Park on the Capitol grounds where the new WWII Memorial will be placed in Salem, Oregon at 5pm.  Bret Lucich will be performing the new anthem song composed and written by Bonnie Karlyle and himself called the Spirit of ’45.

The Spirit of ’45 Day in Oregon, the third state in the nation to legislate the day with Senate Bill 832, designates the 2nd Sunday of every August to honor the achievements of the men and women of the WWII generation so that their example of courage, self-sacrifice, can-do spirit, unity and service will forever inspire future generations of Americans



Chinook Seafood Grill, Lincoln City, OR
January 9, 2016 · Happy Hour with a group of enjoyable people is fun, but when we add music with Bret Lucich and are able to balter with gusto, the result is an awesome evening! Tonight was one of those special occasions... thanks to Bret for his entertaining enthusiasm and to the group for some cool camaraderie!!
Suzanne Griffith Allen

Date: Sep 29, 2015
Subject: Coastal Events Center – Bret Lucich Show
To: "Bret Lucich"


I want to take the opportunity to thank you once again for the most memorable loving party we have ever had for my mother.

Your sensitivity coupled with your talent is an unbeatable combination.

What I noticed is that you filled the room with fun and excitement.  When there was not much going on, that you humbly retreated quietly; whenever one of my family took an initiative and if you saw an opportunity to enhance an initiative begun by one of my family members, you were right there. (The spontaneous dancing with my mother, playing music to accompany both my wife and granddaughter, YMCA ( ESTA ).

teve and Margaret Gross


Date: September 5, 2014
To: Mr. Hasstrup
Subject: Salishan/Bret Lucich,entertainment

Dear Mr Haastrup,
My husband and I as well as our children and their families have been coming to Salishan for over 15 years now and have enjoyed the entertainment provided by Bret Lucich. He is truly a legend of the Oregon Coast. He knows and loves the area and the people.  He has the talent to play for any audience across many generations. Not only is he talented musically, but he has a great talent for reading the crowd as they arrive and as the night goes on. He recognizes new comers and makes a point of making everyone feel welcome at Salishan.  As you know from your years of experience this is important to a resort.  We have many friends who return to just see Bret after a great day of golf.

We are part time residents in Salishan now and would truly miss the opportunity to see Bret at the Attic Lounge.  We have had Bret play for our Christmas party for many years now up in Eastern Washington and we know of his great talent and draw.  He can play anything you want and writes his own music as well.  I don't know if you knew that he played John Gray's piano for years at Salishan and still plays it daily as Bret was given this piano by Mr Gray.  

We hope you will keep Bret as your "Piano Man"!! I hope you don't lose him at Salishan as he is our number one choice for Salishan entertainment
Sent from Gail O'Connor

Outstanding video .... how awesome .... your command of the keyboard and your outstanding voice .... the lyrics ... beautiful, wonderful, touching .... thank God for giving us people like you to share your talents with us .... to make us humble and appreciativeJudy DeHart   9-11-14

Musician for SPIRIT OF 45 Day @ WWII Memorial
Oregon State Capitol – August 10, 2014

Spirit of 45 Musician Bret Lucich, Spirit of 45 Rock Star! General Thayer and I just received a huge written compliment from Brigadier General Norm Hoffman. "Bret Lucich is a professional musician who has a great voice, plays a great musical background, and would be interested in participating in our joint Battalion/Regimental training event later this year to honor our lost heroes. He was selected to perform at the new Oregon WW II memorial last Sunday evening. Check out the video (ref. below) and you will see that he is a true patriot and is also very, very talented. This song that he does in the video, "One Hero at a Time" was extremely well received by our WW II Service Members and everyone down to the youth. He tells me he has a minor key version of "God Bless America" that he did at the Coliseum in Portland that earned a lot of positive comment. He could also do God Bless the USA and a ton of other songs ranging from hymns to rock and country . . . " we're so proud of you.

Memorial Day 2014

If memory serves me right and it seldom does, Bret Lucich started playing piano in his parent's restaurant in Cape Kiwanda forty years ago.  He's never strayed far from the Oregon coast, although he has become a recognized talent, and performed not only locally, but in a number of Western States.  He will be performing in the annual Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon this year (2014).  He will be singing this song that he composed and wrote.

I've known Bret for about 10 years.  You just run into him in a lot of places here at the beach.  He has a remarkable memory and I've yet to see him forget a name.  For example, once a year they have a sand castle contest here at the beach.  Bret will be found on the deck outside of MO's restaurant, performing for the two or three thousand people on the beach.  He might spot me or any number of people he knows on the beach in a crowd, and over the loud speakers he might say, and there is my friend, Gordon.  He always has a smile and he loves to involve the people in his musical performances.  If they can sing or play the drums, Bret will just have them come up and perform a solo or he will perform a vocal number with that person.

So whether it is at the local Elk's club, the Chinook Winds Casino, the Mist Restaurant, Salishan or the Embarcadero in Newport, you just might find Bret Lucich there putting on a show.  There are a number of instruments on the stage where he plays: a piano, keyboard, drums, guitar, trumpet plus a few more.  Bret plays them all along with the singing... a talented musician.  In his mid fifties, Bret figures he will keep singing and performing for another twenty years, give or take.

I ran into Bret last Tuesday when I was working out at the Community Center and we chatted for a few minutes.  He had given me a DVD of his music some time back that I keep in my car and play from time to time... good music that I enjoy.  In the conversation, he mentioned this song that he composed and wrote, "One Hero at a Time."  That's the one you will hear if you click on the website above.

 thought it would be fitting to pass it along to you as we start this Memorial Day weekend... a day to remember men and women that we choose to honor who have given so much to defend the United States of America.  Let's not forget the price of freedom.

Thanks Bret!


February 17, 2014
Quote on Facebook from fellow musician Lisa Mann after performing together on 2/16/14:  "Damn It WAS great- Bret Lucich is one fine musician, and has one of the broadest ranges of any male singer I have encountered!"

Date: Sep 15, 2013
From: Diane Brodie
To: Bret Lucich
Re: George Rankin – Celebration of Life 9/14/13
WOW! Words cannot begin to convey the appreciation and admiration I have for you. I thought you were awesome before...but now I believe you are even more so. You were amazing yesterday. Many, many people have told me how much they enjoyed the whole event, and how they attribute that to your skills as an entertainer, managing the stage, managing the audience, and keeping a close eye on me to see how I was doing with it all!
    I felt the love and caring for both George and me...he would have been so pleased. The whole thing was just perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better!
    Big hugs and thank you! You are the best and right up there on my list of life's blessings.
    Diane Brodie

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was pleased to have the “Bret Lucich Show” at our Annual Convention in Bend.  Thanks to Bret, we had the best entertainment in recent memory for our Western Fun Night!  The dance floor was packed and everyone had such a great time we immediately asked Bret to come back and play at our 2012 Convention.  Thanks again Bret!  Kay Teisl, Executive Director

Kay Teisl
Executive Director
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association



It's an annual event... the sand castle contest in Taft, Oregon!

Walk two blocks down 51st street.  There is chowder at Mo's or ice cream, sandwiches, or fish and chips at Eleanor’s.

There is a dock just beyond Mo's, where people can walk out. When the tide is in, you can dip your toes, maybe a lot more in the waters of Siletz Bay.  People have been known to throw crab rings off of the dock to catch the delectable Dungeness crab. 

Bret Lucich is out on the end of the dock all set up with

his one man band, keyboard, guitar... the works.  He starts a hula

hoop contest with some kids down on the beach below.  A handful of salt water toffee gets thrown over the railing to reward those who

can wiggle their hips the best.

Around 4 in the afternoon, prizes are awarded for the most creative sand creations.  The crowd starts to disperse, but a few linger and build a small fire using the driftwood on the beach.

It's a fun day.

Bret. Thanks for stepping up every year and making Sandcastle so memorable for so many families. 

Don Williams, Lincoln City Mayor
On Aug 8, 2015



DORY DAYS – JULY 19-21, 2013

Bret Lucich will get your toes tapping at the Dory Days Marine Fair with a variety of musical styles during a July 21, 2013 show at 1pm at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City as quoted by Vicky Hirsh of the Pacific City Sun newspaper.




From: Stacie Whiteside <>

Subject: Happy Customer Note

Date: January 29, 2012 11:06:55 PM PST



The Surftides has been our Lincoln City stomping grounds for the past 31 years and has always been THE beach hotel destination for me and my mom…never have I been as impressed as this last trip!  The front desk staff were very knowledgeable and accommodating. After getting a beer at MIST while waiting for the rest of the group Friday (and getting the feeling MIST was a good place), I suggested to our group that we go to MIST for dinner on Saturday night since it was later in the evening and so we could stay close to the hotel. At first, I wasn't sure about the 'live band' situation though I realized it was later in the evening. We requested being sat toward the back of the restaurant to ensure that we could still talk over the music. Between our waiter's (Brandon) hospitality and charm and the entertainment of the live band (requests fulfilled from the back of the house!), we were hooked. Slowly, we migrated our impromptu party up to the bar where we continued to dance and sing along with the band. This guy (I later learned is The Bret Lucich Show) was amazing...great voice, impersonations and funny! We were having a great time and instead of quitting at the scheduled 11pm, he kept us entertained until 12:30am! If staying wasn't enough, the night was topped off when Bret sang an ingenious personalized tribute song after he learned the reason our group was there was due to my mom's passing the previous week and our long history with the Surftides. It was AMAZING! That topped the trip! All the staff were fantastic (Brandon even came back and sang!) and the food and drinks were much better than I'd had previously! It was a great environment and nice getaway. In fact, our group wished we had something like this place closer to home! Thanks Surftides, MIST and The Bret Lucich Show! You are all awesome!


Stacie Whiteside

Bret Lucich
– Performer boasts truly a one-man-show on multiple instruments      By Taska Barlow

Yes, it’s been said many times, but needs to be said once more: Bret Lucich is the one of the most incredible performers you’ll ever see at Buffalo Bill’s and more!

Whether being teamed with his band for a big stage show, or shining as the one-man-band that he carries in his own unique way, he is an absolutely must see! Lucich carries an impressive list of credits that includes Colorado ski resorts, Nevada casinos and many West Coast resorts, just to name a few.

Wherever he performs, his contracts are extended because of crowd demands. As a result of one of those extended engagements, an eight-year continuous gig at

Salishan Lodge, Lucich bought a home on the beach in Lincoln City. The slogan on the billboards for Chinook Winds, It’s Better At The Beach, resulted in a crowd-pleaser-original, penned by Lucich himself. It will be included on his

next CD, soon to go into production.


Bret Lucich is capable of recording and playing every instrument to accompany his amazing vocals and extensive range. He demonstrates this capability by taking five hours to set up his stage, surrounding himself with a

minimum of four keyboards, brass, drums, guitar, congas and a big assortment of hand-held percussion instruments. “When I’m doing a single act, my band is the crowd,” says Lucich in a recent conversation. This writer recently witnessed the

back-up band as the dance floor at Buffalo Bill’s became filled with a happy audience, playing instruments, singing and dancing to the infectious It’s Better At The Beach.

Towering over his stages at 6’3”, Lucich’s heart is bigger than his frame and a fit one at that. “I try to treat my shows and audience with respect and in order to do that, I need to be in good shape, which is why I try to work out for three

hours before each one. This gives me the stamina to do four-hour shows without a break.”

Like an “earth angel,” Lucich likes to help others, especially musician friends. “I want to help others because God’s blessed me so much with the good family I come from, my wonderful home at the coast and all the jobs I have.” Lucich

continues, “Between God and me, I’m keeping on the straight and narrow—and it wasn’t always this way, so that’s why I like to help others whenever I can. Because of the economy, it’s tough out there for even some of the most talented

musicians and performers, so I like to refer them to jobs whenever possible.”Lucich especially enjoys performing at corporate events and venues that include

kids. Last year at The Surf Tides, a 12-yr.old named Victoria told her parents that she wanted to spend her birthday with me. So I got her up on stage with her harmonica playing to Billy Joel’s Piano Man. You should have seen the look on

her face when the enormous applause followed. It was precious memory-maker for sure!”Another coastal event involving families was the recent Annual Sand Castle

Contest in Taft, the first Saturday of August. Lucich says, “Over 3000 adults and children showed up and Tom Brosey, President of the Merchant’s Association,

said it was the biggest one yet!”

A testament to Lucich’s loyal following was the limo full of ladies from Lincoln City’s Class of ’73, who came up to Buffalo Bill’s in Beavercreek recently, for

their “Bret fix.” Lucich currently provides the weekend entertainment at Buffalo Bill’s on Friday and Saturday and a jam session/open mike on Sunday, with the

new popular hours of 6-10 p.m., followed by Karaoke.

Buffalo Bill’s is located at 21950 Beavercreek Rd. (503) 632-3190. Lucich also headlines the happy hour venue at Irving’s Lounge in the Wilsonville Holiday Inn

from 5-8 p.m. every week, located at 25425 S.W. 95th Ave, Wilsonville. (877) 859-5095.

It’s not only Better At The Beach, it’s better any night you are fortunate enough to get in front of Bret Lucich for top-drawer entertainment.

Monday, August 1, 2011



From: "Dave and Carole" <>
Date: December 7, 2010
To: <>
Subject: Thanks!

Bret, there are no adequate words to express to you how much we appreciated Friday night with you and Michael.  Dave was so happy and keeps saying what a terrific birthday he had from beginning to the end.  You made his birthday one he will never forget!  I thank you so much for that dear friend.  When you began to sing I kept thinking, hopefully he will sing a few more before he has to leave and you continued for two hours.  You are truly amazing and a true and forever friend.  You have those rare gifts of exceptional talent, everyone loves you, including us, and you are a friend to everyone and you don’t judge people you just care and want to make everyone’s life happier and let them know they are really important to you.  I printed out your schedule—WOW you are travelling so much you should move to Portland, but it would be hard to leave that beautiful ocean and Lincoln City and your home.   


Thank you again dear Bret.  You are very special to us and we will see you again soon in Salem, Wilsonville or wherever you are playing.  Tacoma isn’t that far away!  We left Lincoln City at 11:00 Friday night and arrived home at 3:30.  Tired but very happy!!!!!!  You know I like the hat—a plaid red and green one for the holidays would be great….Lack of hair didn’t change you or your looks-you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love you!  Carole and Dave  



March 1, 2012

If you haven’t heard this story from me in person, this is one you shouldn’t miss…There have been a lot of amazing things that have happened since my mom's passing, though the following story has become one of my favorites and one I believe deserves to be shared…as widely as i possibly can make it spread.

The week after my mom’s passing my family/friends and I visited my mom’s favorite beach resort, the Surftides in Lincoln City (  Saturday night we ended up at the resort restaurant, Mist, where there was a live singer. Once there, our dinner party soon turned into an impromptu dance party after the live singer fulfilled our Neil Diamond requests from the very back of the restaurant. After my family friend told the singer why we were all there, this guy proceeded to sing an ingenious 3-song tribute for my mom. It was AMAZING! I was astonished how he was able to take our situation and create such a positive and memorable moment...and be so honestly genuine about it. He moved the whole place! The documentary clip on his website explains it all, in his own words: "I live to make somebody's night". This past weekend a few of my friends and I stopped by Mist again and he continued to pass all my tests for AWESOME. So, I have taken it upon myself to promote his show to every person I know who loves music and FUN! He plays a variety of music and incorporates crowd participation which always makes things more entertaining for everyone involved. From me to you, this guy works very hard, is passionate about his purpose and definitely deserves our support.

Promoting playtime on behalf of Marsha Whiteside! J

Stacie Whiteside

Director of System Integration - Signature Services




Awarded "Certificate of Appreciation" to Bret Lucich in recognition of dedication to our American military heroes and generous donation of his time performing at the 2012 "One Hero At A Time Benefit" non-profit benefit in Henderson, Nevada.



Timeless performance of Bret Lucich pleases guests at Wilsonville Holiday Inn

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Robert Gifford
"Positively Entertainment and Dining" Publication Vol. 38, No. 2, March 18 - April 14, 2014

By Ginger Caviness  “Positively Entertainment and Dining”

When you watch Bret Lucich perform, music exemplifies his vision and delivery of pure entertainment! Known for his “one man show,” Lucich’s passion and timeless performances please multi-generational guests.

Every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m., Lucich takes to the stage at B3, the newly branded and re-modeled lounge called BooneTown Bistro and Bar, located in the Wilsonville Holiday Inn, Wilsonville, Ore. Greeting his guests one by one as they file in, he knows everyone’s name. After all, many traveled from Neskowin, Salem and beyond to support his weekly show at the venue. It is evident he has very loyal fans. Don’t forget to clip the $5 discount coupon in BoonTown’s ad in Positively Entertainment & Dining this issue.

This night, the first set was a tunnel vision ride through time as he performed the following songs, using an array of state-of-the-art musical instruments, (Taylor 910CE Electric Keyboard, all real free technology with wooden keys offer such clarity in sound on the Yamaha CP4, a Yamaha Tyrose 4, Horn Trumpet and Gibson SG and Ukulele). Performing Desperado by The Eagles, the ease of his vibrato and phrasing, along with exceptional guitar style is amazing and true to the original arrangement.

Pink Floyd’s Teacher Leave the Kids Alone, is flawless with intonation and accent on the British. Next, Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong, brings the voices of Willie Nelson and Michael McDonald, while performing the trumpet. The piano solo drew the crowd to silence, with smiles all around. A tribute to Jay Leno’s retirement on the Tonight Show and at his request, the next song by Garth Brooks, The Dance, was a gentle reminder to be kind, be passionate, keep the faith and be hopeful and to always “dance.” This impression was spot-on.

Moving on to The House of the Rising Sunby Eric Burden and the Animals, the guests swayed to this song. Sweet Caroline, by Neil Diamond, started the sing-along and finished with audience participation of the original song Lucich wrote, Better at the Beach.

This lively and well known “theme song” to the Northwest casinos since the ’80s, is a crowd pleaser as Lucich invites “the ladies on stage” to form his Better-at-the-Beach Band! Hand-held instruments are handed out and the singing begins. This well-known song and sing-a-along helped create the party atmosphere. There’s something about a jingle staying in your mind, but in a good way.

Another recent event and guest in the audience brought accordionist Bob Cantin (well known performer on the iconic TV Show, The Lawrence Welk Show). Additionally, Bo and Barbara Ayers (The Signatures) performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow at The Oregon Gardens for Lucich. They are a crowd-favorite regularly performing at Tony Starlight’s club in Portland, Ore.)

Highlight testimonial for Lucich one night, while appearing at the Oregon Coast Salishan Resort and Spa located in Gleneden, Oregon, unassuming guests seated in the audience were Lisa Marie and Pricilla Presley (daughter and wife to the legend, Elvis Presley). They stayed and danced to Lucich’s music. After a two-hour set, Lucich took a break and asked if they would sign his guest book. This is what Lisa Marie wrote, “Bret, great evening, great show, Lisa Marie Presley.” (Lucich continues to perform monthly at this premiere Oregon Coast destination.)

Among the hundreds of testimonials, Lucich has pleased guests at casinos, private events, numerous corporate events; but his passion is working with and for military veterans. Composer, writer Bonnie Karlyle and Lucich created and co-wrote the anthem song Spirit of 45. The Spirit of ’45 Day, ( is a new Annual National Holiday of remembrance and national renewal for World War II (WWII) to be honored every second Sunday of August. This first event was last year on Aug. 11, 2013, in Wilson Park on the Capitol grounds in Salem, Ore., where the new WWII Memorial was placed. The Spirit of ’45 Day in Oregon, the third state in the nation to legislate the day with Senate Bill 832, designates the second Sunday of every August to honor the achievements of the men and women of the WWII Generation so that their example of courage, self-sacrifice, can-do spirit, unity and service will forever inspire future generations of Americans.

As the 2015 anniversary event is planned in New York City, N.Y., Lucich has written and composed a song called One Hero at a Time, which will serve as a patriotic rallying cry for those wanting to honor U.S. Military personnel, as well as the rescuers assisting victims from the 9-11 attacks. This song was a vision inspired by Lucich’s father, a World War II Veteran, who served in the Coast Guard and the Oregon State Police and passed a few years ago. Additional remembrances go to local veterans Ed Johann, George Rankin and Lenny Carr. “This song is a gift from God and my passing father,” Lucich says. Lucich would like to see this song become the “national anthem’ for Veterans Day and would love to hear it performed at sporting events in the Pacific Northwest and even more, The Super Bowl.

"It’s unbelievable what this song can do with the right production,” Lucich states. The song and accompanying slide show can be seen at

To understand the diversity of Lucich’s talent and music, here is a listing of some of his music performances; he literally performs over 300 events a year!

Nationally sponsored Taco Bell West Coast Tour – two years; Oregon Cattleman’s Association four years; The Oregon Seed Association states, “Bret has an uncanny ability to read his audience and give them what they want, providing dance music one minute or soulful ballads the next, giving the audience an evening of total entertainment, the go-to guy.” Next show is June 27, 2014.

Celebration of Life, Albany Samaritan Hospital event, Spirit of ’43 and One Hero at a Time; Principal Financial Group; Napa Christmas; Surftides Resort, Lincoln City, Ore., just completing a three-year contract; N. Lincoln Hospital Corporate Event, Lincoln City, Ore.

Habitat for Humanity, Pumpkin Ridge, 11th year event with the Bret Lucich Band, featuring Paul Beyhondi on sax, Dan Mueller and Mark Combs with Cascade Sound.

Course de Elegance Elite Car Show, Forest Grove, Ore.; Hometown favorite Dory Days events this summer at Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, Ore.

American Public Works; Colorado Ski Resorts; Nevada Casinos, numerous weddings and special events.

Wilsonville, Ore., Holiday Inn, newly remodeled and upscale lounge Boone Town Bistro and Bar (B3) features Bret each Tuesday at 6 p.m. Watch for upcoming inspired themed event, “Jimmy Buffett Beach Party” for spring break March 25, 2014. Dress up all Parrott Heads!

Make plans now to attend one of Lucich’s shows; you will be transformed by his talent and delighted by his passion for music. Follow his music at, Reverbnation, iTunes and on Facebook. A new CD is in the works!

To all decision makers who hire musicians for concert halls, festival coordinators, wineries, music buyers, event planners and corporations; Lucich will entertain the young-at-heart and those with young hearts. Do not hesitate to call on Lucich for total entertainment satisfaction. From Frank Sinatra, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Ray Charles or Willie Nelson and music streaming now in 2014, Lucich is a natural in emulation!

Lucich tends to include other’s priories in decision making when it comes to performing his music; he customizes each show to the please the crowd and you sense what is important to him. “Be Present” in all you do!

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